Every product has its unique journey, from identification to the final order. This lifecycle, often spanning weeks to months, is punctuated by several stages, each demanding its own data requirements. As the product matures through these stages, the complexity grows, with team members often resorting to manual methods like hand keying or uploading product details into various systems. The current modus operandi, heavily reliant on emails, Excel sheets, and manual handoffs, is riddled with challenges. Products can get ensnared in bottlenecks, vital data can go astray, and process-related issues can throw a wrench in the smooth progression of items. The need for a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent system is evident.

  • Product Onboarding: By leveraging Monday.com for the initial stages of the product lifecycle, from identification to ordering, retailers can ensure a structured and transparent process. The platform allows for task automation, real-time tracking, and collaborative workspaces, ensuring that all data requirements are met before a product progresses to the next stage. Think before it has matured sufficiently to be in your merchandising or PIM system.

  • Planning Solutions for Assortment Forecasting: Tools like Relex and Forsythe Retail can be instrumental in forecasting the assortment or categories accurately. By integrating these solutions, buyers can make informed decisions based on data-driven insights, ensuring that the right products are chosen for the right categories, optimizing inventory, and reducing wastage.

  • Automation with Vendors via Portal or Integration: Establishing a direct line of communication and data exchange with vendors can drastically reduce manual interventions. By setting up a vendor portal or integrating vendor systems with platforms like Monday.com and Make, retailers can ensure that product data is consistent, up-to-date, and automatically populated into their systems. This reduces the chances of data loss and speeds up the product onboarding process.


The result is a smoother, faster, and more transparent process, ensuring that every product finds its rightful place on the retail shelf, no matter how intricate its journey.