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Harness the first 90 days with Ready to craft enduring brand loyalty through omnichannel strategies and AI analytics

The initial 90 days of a customer’s journey are crucial in today’s retail sphere. Brimming with insights, this window can lay the groundwork for enduring brand loyalty.

Why Focus on the First 90 Days?

Sabrina Callahan, VP of E-Commerce at Sam’s Club, emphasized its importance on the RETHINK Retail podcast. It’s the phase where customers measure and choose their brand commitment.

🛍️ Product Discovery:

Search Patterns: Any unique keywords hinting at inventory needs or clearer naming?
Social Pull: Which social content type directs users to your platforms? 

🌐 Navigation Trends:

Micro-Insights: Time spent on product specifics. Do reviews or images captivate them?
Site Flow: How do customers navigate your site? Which routes are most effective?

🛒 Cart Dynamics:

Why Abandon?: Are abandonments due to costs, shipping, or return policies?
Indecision Signs: Items frequently added and removed indicate potential realignment. 

📚 Content Consumption:

UGC Impact: Which influences more: user reviews or customer photos?
Knowledge Hooks: Which guides or blogs retain customer attention? 

🎁 Post-Purchase Analysis:

Loyalty Metrics: How soon post-purchase do customers engage with loyalty programs?
Feedback Value: Push for feedback. It’s invaluable for adjustments. 

📣 Social Signals:

Brand Chatter: Keep tabs on brand mentions. What’s the prevailing sentiment?
Influencer Partnerships: Spot organic brand mentions by influencers. Collaborative potential?

Implementing insights can be overwhelming. That’s where we at Ready step in. We don’t just advise; we become your strategic partner:

🔀 Omnichannel Strategy: We weave together your customer touchpoints, integrating in-store, online, and social data.  

🤖 AI-Driven Analytics: We enable retailers to harness AI, translating data into actionable steps.


🔄 Swift Adaptation: With our expertise, retailers can quickly adapt and fully leverage the benefits of the crucial 90-day window.


In conclusion, the first 90 days aren’t merely about numbers: it’s about shaping the narrative for lasting customer ties.

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